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original_tango's Journal

Azn_Girl & The Original Blah
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This is the community for theoriginalblah and azn_girl's fanfiction collaboration updates.

We are currently writing an Harry/Draco slash fanfiction.

azn_girl enjoys reading mostly Draco/Hermione or Blaise/Hermione fanfiction. She has a deep dislike for Draco/Ginny and Luna/Anyone. She has been fanficcing for nearly a year and hates bad grammar. Her username at most places is tangowangopango. To see her fanfiction journal, go to tangowangopango.

theoriginalblah was introduced to fanfiction by azn_girl and has become throughly addicted to fandom. Her current OTP is Harry/Draco. She dislikes Draco/Ginny as well, and has become quite perverted after only a few months submerged in Harry Potter fanfic. In addition to reading and writing--which she does seldom of--she also draws Harry Potter fanart.

Together, these two girls form the mega-powerful original_tango. Our joint email is original_tango@yahoo.com. Send mail for theoriginalblah to theirloveissoblackmailed@yahoo.com. Send mail for azn_girl to tangowangopango@yahoo.com.

Their works will, in the future, be posted on FictionAlley and Fanfiction.net.